We Need to Talk: About Men's Mental Health

We Need to Talk: About Men’s Mental Health.

Men’s mental health, in connection to conversations about emotions and worryingly high suicide figures has recently come to the forefront of discussion. CALM (Campaign Against Living Miserably), Movember, Time to Change and Samaritans are all charitable organisations advocating both conversation and direction surrounding the topic of men’s mental health, however the lack of change in statistics regarding professional help, diagnoses and suicide rates suggest there is much more to be done.

In light of the theme for the next issue of the magazine; “We Need to Talk,” we wanted to contribute to the conversation directly from the opinions and experiences of male students, to try and shape a bit more understanding as to why mental health remains such an untouched topic amongst men, and what can be done to make it a more open subject. In addition to the video available on the blog, portraits will also be published in the upcoming issue, so make sure to grab a copy and spread the word!

Heather Casson